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A New Chapter for our Chapter

The Canadian Chapter of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) is proud to announce the election of a new Executive Committee for its Chapter, marking another milestone in the Chapter’s long history and setting the stage for a future of continued excellence and innovation in the personal property appraisal profession in Canada.

The Canadian Chapter of the ISA welcomes Andria Minicucci (Msc, ISA AM) as its newly elected President, Austin Yuen (MA, ISA AM) as Treasurer, and Tracy Dopko (BA, DipEqS, ISA CAPP) as Secretary. These individuals bring a wealth of experience, dedication, and vision to their respective roles, poised to lead the Chapter into its next chapter of growth and achievement.

Andria Minicucci, stepping into the role of President, is very enthused about leading the Chapter forward and building on the solid legacy of professionalism and collaboration established by her predecessors. “With the support and expertise of our new Executive Committee and our valued members, we will continue to elevate the appraisal profession in Canada, ensuring ISA appraisers remain the gold standard in personal property appraising,” said Minicucci.

Celebrating over two decades of excellence, the Canadian Chapter has stood as a testament to the commitment, expertise, and passion of its ISA members. Founded in 2000, the Chapter embarked on a mission to promote the ISA brand and set the standard for personal property appraising in Canada. Recognized for its commitment to excellence and advocacy, the Chapter has been awarded the ISA “Chapter of the Year” award three times. Another testament to its impactful contributions to the ISA and the appraisal community at large.

This year, as the Chapter celebrates its 24th anniversary, the new Executive Committee is focused on embracing new challenges and opportunities. Their goals include expanding outreach efforts to enhance the recognition of ISA-accredited appraisers, and fostering a supportive environment for continuous professional development for its members.

“We are excited about this new chapter for the Canadian Chapter,” stated Minicucci, “Together, let’s continue to raise the profile of ISA appraisers across Canada, demonstrating the invaluable service and expertise we provide.”