Who We Are

About the International Society of Appraisers ISA


The International Society of Appraisers was founded in 1979. Over the past 41 years, the organization has grown to be the undisputed personal property association of choice. The ISA Core Course in Appraisal Studies is widely regarded as the most comprehensive in the industry, distinguishing ISA as the leader in methodology, theory, principles, practices, and ethics.


About the Canadian Chapter of the ISA

The Canadian Chapter was founded in 2000 and is guided by the Canada Not-For-Profit Act, a Chapter Charter and By-Laws, and a Board of Directors. The members on the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and other committees all volunteer their time and skills to represent and manage the Chapter right across Canada.

Our Chapter’s mission is to advance the professionalism and effectiveness of personal property appraisers in Canada. Our aim is to further enhance public trust and continue to provide the highest standards of professionalism in the personal property appraising industry.

Our members abide by the ISA Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics and the standards set forth by the Appraisal Foundation and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

The Appraisal Foundation sets the standards and qualifications for appraisers and is based in Washington, DC. Although personal property appraisers in Canada are unregulated, USPAP is the only standard recognized in both United States and Canada. The standards are continuously reviewed and updated every two years. ISA appraisers must reconfirm their knowledge of USPAP every two years with a 7-hour course to maintain their ISA membership. This commitment to professionalism ensures that ISA members are always current with changes in the appraisal industry.

Executive Committee

Andria Minicucci, ISA AM
Austin Yuen, ISA AM
Tracy Dopko, ISA CAPP

Current & Past Presidents of the Canadian Chapter

Andria Minicucci 2023 - current
Susan E. Lahey 2022
Kelly Juhasz 2016 – 2021
Ken Forsyth 2014 – 2015
Kathryn Minard 2008 – 2013
Catherine Williams & Irene Szylinger 2005 – 2007
Sharon London Liss & Catherine Williams 2002 – 2004
Ellen Racine 2000 – 2001

Member Awards & Recognition

  • Francis Germain, ISA Education Foundation Scholarship, 2024
  • Kelly Juhasz, Chapter Impact Award, 2023
  • Chantal Mahaffey Wilson, Chapter Impact Award, 2022
  • Darlene Wong, ISA Leadership Award – Gems & Jewellery, 2022
  • Darlene Wong, Foundation for Appraisal Education Gold Scholarship, 2022
  • Andria Minicucci, Foundation for Appraisal Education Silver Scholarship, 2022
  • Katlin Rogers, Chapter Impact Award, 2021
  • Darlene Wong, ISA Distinguished Service Award – Gems & Jewellery, 2021
  • Kelly Juhasz, ISA Distinguished Service Award – Fine Art, 2021
  • Julie Riches, ISA Rising Leader Award, 2021
  • Janette Doering, ISA Education Foundation Scholarship, 2021
  • Tracy Dopko, ISA Education Foundation Silver Scholarship, 2021
  • Andria Minicucci, Chapter Impact Award, 2020
  • Chantal Wilson-Mahaffey, ISA Rising Leader Award, 2020
  • Hughene Acheson, ISA Outgoing Leadership & Service Award, 2020
  • Julie Riches, Foundation for Appraisal Education Scholarship, 2019
  • Irene Szylinger, ISA Service Award, 2019
  • Sharon Berlin, Foundation for Appraisal Education Scholarship, 2018
  • Sheila Osborne Jones, ISA Outstanding Service Award, 2018
  • Kelly Juhasz, ISA Rising Leader Award, 2017
  • Erica Claus, Foundation for Appraisal Education Scholarship, 2017
  • Kelly Juhasz, Foundation for Appraisal Education Scholarship, 2016
  • Tracey Capes, Decorative Arts Trust Scholarship, 2016
  • Susan Lahey, ISA Special Merit Award, 2016
  • Kathryn Minard, ISA Service Award, 2015
  • Darlene Wong & Rachel Storey, Foundation for Appraisal Education Scholarship, 2014
  • Hughene Acheson, ISA Rising Leader, 2014
  • Kathryn Minard, ISA Lamp of Knowledge, 2013
  • Irene Szylinger, Kathryn Minard & Catherine Williams, ISA Special Merit, 2010
  • Susan Lahey, Foundation for Appraisal Education Scholarship, 2010