ISA appraisers are qualified, professional and connoisseurs in their field, and provide vital services. Their unbiased opinions of value are based on comprehensive research and analysis and are critical to the decision-making process of personal property owners, corporations, investors, insurers, governments and other professionals.

An ISA Appraiser …

Ensures transparent and comprehensive reporting

Guarantees dependable value justifications

Eliminates conflict of interest

Reduces potential for fraud

Maintains public trust

Is qualified and objective

How ISA Appraisers Can Help

Insurance Professionals

ISA appraisers provide independent, impartial and objective opinions of value. Working with a qualified appraiser can help brokers and adjusters better understand a client’s personal property and levels of risk. Engaging with an ISA appraiser ensures that insurance professionals, be it for coverage or a claim, receives specialized knowledge to help make good decisions about a client’s future.

Financial Professionals

Working with an ISA appraiser enables wealth and estate advisors to have greater confidence when guiding their clients knowing that the opinions of value received were formed by unbiased and qualified professionals. Working with an ISA appraiser can remove peer pressure from within the family dynamic or interference from family members in order to settle an estate or refinance, retire and plan for the future.

Legal Professionals

Attorneys and courts can count on an ISA appraiser for factual, evidence-based and comprehensive expert reports dealing with personal property. Whatever the matter – divorce, business dissolution, tax appeals, insurance disputes – ISA appraisers provide fair, unbiased and independent opinions of value. Also, engage an ISA appraiser for an appraisal review.

Museums and Charities

Museums, public galleries, archival institutions and registered charities can rely upon ISA appraisers to provide professional, third-party appraisal reports for gifts-in-kind and applications for Canadian cultural property. ISA appraisers prepare reports meeting the criteria and industry standards required by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board (CCPERB).

Personal Property Owners

Knowing the value of your personal property provides assurance against being under or over insured or selling too low or buying too high. Working with an ISA appraiser can ensure an equitable division of personal property and offer an opinion of value for all tax matters such as probate for an estate or calculating capital gains. An ISA appraiser can assist in downsizing by providing guidance on what to keep, sales estimates and where and when to sell.

Other Services

ISA appraisers are informed professionals and can assist with appraisal reports and other services including; policy updates regarding donations; acquisitions or deaccessioning; sales estimates; market analysis; object identification and provenance research for all categories of personal property.