Daventry Appraisal Services

Tracy Dopko is an ISA Certified Appraiser of Personal Property (CAPP) with a specialty in equine, livestock & farm equipment appraisals. Since 1998, she has been hired as an equine and livestock appraiser around the world. She has appraised some of the top jumper and dressage horses in both North America and Europe and has also appraised some of the most well-known Holstein, Angus & Jersey cattle in North America. Tracy has been hired globally as an expert witness and consultant on many litigation cases and is also a private investigator. She is qualified as an expert witness in court proceedings in both Canada and the United States, works closely with major insurance companies in both the U.S. and Canada on livestock death-claim reimbursements and fraud investigation, has completed appraisals for multimillion-dollar estate and insurance settlements, tax audits, divorce disputes, and has performed appraisals for multimillion-dollar hog, poultry, dairy and beef operations.

Tracy is also known in the industry as the go-to appraiser for obscure and exotic animals. She has extensive experience appraising breeding/show dogs, breeding/show cats, animal actors for film & television, and wild, exotic, and endangered animals (both land and marine) for various private zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries, and non-profit foundations throughout North America. She also has experience appraising equine tack & therapy equipment, horse trailers, veterinary medical equipment, and agriculture business valuations & asset appraisals.


Tracy is a member of the ISA Private Client Services group. The program is for ISA appraisers who work with both High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and gatekeepers specializing in Private Client Services. Only 5% of ISA members make it into the Private Client Services program. Tracy is the first equine appraiser to be accepted. Her HNW clients include Grand Prix & Olympic competitors/owners, celebrities, high-profile investors, and members of the Forbes list.


Daventry appraisals are known for their thoroughness and attention to detail. Tracy has helped her clients win millions in litigation judgments and settlements. Combined with her background and credentials in the agricultural industry, Tracy’s appraisals and expertise provides a valuable asset in the courtroom!


Tracy is an ISA Ambassador (mentoring program), is the Technology Officer for the ISA Education Foundation non-profit organization, ISA Canadian Chapter secretary, ISA Board Member, a member of the Personal Property Resource Panel for The Appraisal Foundation, and is also an appraisal member at the highest level with the:

  • American Society of Equine Appraisers
  • International Society of Livestock Appraisers
  • American Society of Farm Equipment Appraisers
  • American Society of Agricultural Appraisers
  • Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group