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Death, Disaster, Debt and Divorce – the Need for Personal Property Appraisers

An article in the Huffington Post offers advice to consumers on how to navigate the “4 D’s” in Personal Property: Death, Disaster, Debt, and Divorce.

“When a loved one dies, a personal property appraiser can help determine the value for an equitable distribution of an estate as well as any potential federal, state, or local tax liabilities.” “Insurance companies often recommend homeowners hire appraisers to value property to determine the overall retail replacement value of their items. This can also help dictate how much a client should pay for a policy and how much a policy should cover.” “Divorce—another often unexpected event—is something an appraiser can also help with. An appraiser can provide an opinion of value (e.g., fair market value, or the value in which a buyer would likely pay) to assist with the equitable division of property.” The Four D’s in Personal Property Appraisal: Death, Disaster, Debt, and Divorce – view the article by David Bunton, President, The Appraisal Foundation, here. (The International Society of Appraisers is a key member of The Appraisal Foundation.)