Obtaining an Appraisal Report at a Distance

For those who reside in a remote area or who require an appraisal of personal property and an on-site inspection of the object is not possible, we have compiled the following answers to your questions. 

How can I obtain an appraisal of my personal property if there are no qualified ISA appraisers in my region?

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The Appraisal Foundation Applauds Circuit Court Ruling Affirming Primacy of Personal Property Appraisal Profession

To protect asset value, consumers must select a qualified and independent appraiser 

For Immediate ReleaseJuly 26, 2019(Washington, DC)  – The Appraisal Foundation, the nation’s foremost authority on valuation services, applauds the recent 9th Circuit Court ruling that agreed with a U.S. Tax Court opinion that found an appraisal from an esteemed auction house is not adequate …

Death, Disaster, Debt and Divorce – the Need for Personal Property Appraisers

An article in the Huffington Post offers advice to consumers on how to navigate the “4 D’s” in Personal Property: Death, Disaster, Debt, and Divorce.

“When a loved one dies, a personal property appraiser can help determine the value for an equitable distribution of an estate as well as any potential federal, state, or local …