Obtaining an Appraisal Report at a Distance

For those who reside in a remote area or who require an appraisal of personal property and an on-site inspection of the object is not possible, we have compiled the following answers to your questions. 

How can I obtain an appraisal of my personal property if there are no qualified ISA appraisers in my region?

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Beware the One-Page Appraisal

Insurers are increasingly rejecting one-page appraisals for valuable property such as jewelry, artwork or antiques – and for good reason.

Written by: Kelly Juhasz, ISA Accredited Member & Principal, Fine Art Appraisal and Services Darlene N. Wong, ISA CAPP Member & Owner, Brilliant Evaluations & Appraisals  

Originally published by Canadian Underwriter, June 2018, pg. 38.

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Death, Disaster, Debt and Divorce – the Need for Personal Property Appraisers

An article in the Huffington Post offers advice to consumers on how to navigate the “4 D’s” in Personal Property: Death, Disaster, Debt, and Divorce.

“When a loved one dies, a personal property appraiser can help determine the value for an equitable distribution of an estate as well as any potential federal, state, or local …

What to Know When Donating Art

What to Know When Donating Art In today’s collecting marketplace, many high net worth individuals (HNWIs) are building large and, in some cases, important art collections. They will often make donations from their collections to museums and other organizations, either as charitable gifts or under a certification as cultural property. The process for this …