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A Client’s Guide to Taking Item Photographs

Republished in abridged format from the original article in Worthwhile Magazine™, which can be read in full here: A Client’s Guide For How to Take Photographs of Art and Antiques to Send to An Appraiser By Elizabeth Stewart, PhD, AAA and John Flandrick

“The following guide is designed to help an appraiser’s clients take photographs …

The Specialists – ISA Featured in Canadian Art’s Collecting Guide

What Art Appraisers and Advisers Can Offer

ISA members are highlighted as specialists in the Canadian Art Collecting Guide.

These experts provide independent valuations of art, along with strategies to organize and build a collection, among other vital services.

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“You might wish to reach out to an appraiser to seek assurance …

Obtaining an Appraisal Report at a Distance

For those who reside in a remote area or who require an appraisal of personal property and an on-site inspection of the object is not possible, we have compiled the following answers to your questions. 

How can I obtain an appraisal of my personal property if there are no qualified ISA appraisers in my region?

Speak …

The Broker’s Valuation Proposition

Brokers offering the extended service of appraisal can see their client satisfaction levels increase and gain an advantage over their competitors.

Originally published in Canadian Underwriter on July 6, 2019.

Written by Kelly Juhasz, President, Canadian Chapter, International Society of Appraisers

Working with a qualified appraiser can help you better understand your client’s property and level …

The Appraisal Foundation Applauds Circuit Court Ruling Affirming Primacy of Personal Property Appraisal Profession

To protect asset value, consumers must select a qualified and independent appraiser 

For Immediate ReleaseJuly 26, 2019(Washington, DC)  – The Appraisal Foundation, the nation’s foremost authority on valuation services, applauds the recent 9th Circuit Court ruling that agreed with a U.S. Tax Court opinion that found an appraisal from an esteemed auction house is not adequate …

Become a Qualified ISA Appraiser

Personal property appraising is a growing profession. As Canada prepares for the largest transfer of wealth in history, third party expertise in high-value personal property is in demand from estate lawyers, insurance companies, cultural institutions and government agencies.

A personal property appraiser is a professional who develops and reports an opinion of value on items …

Markets and Appraisals – ISA Featured in Canadian Art Magazine

Mixing on-the-job knowledge with professional development

“Third-party expertise in high-value personal property is in demand from estate lawyers, insurance companies, cultural institutions and government agencies,” states Kelly Juhasz, president of the Canadian Chapter of the International Society of Appraisers…The Society has just introduced a new student membership so that emerging professionals can access some of …

Millennials Aren’t Buying Fine China — and They Don’t Want to Inherit it

Set of Royal Crown Derby would have retailed for over $500 in its heyday but now you’d be lucky to get $75

CBC News · Posted: Feb 16, 2018 12:39 PM MT | Last Updated: February 16

We all remember those family dinners growing up, the ones important enough that your parents or grandparents brought out …

Beware the One-Page Appraisal

Insurers are increasingly rejecting one-page appraisals for valuable property such as jewelry, artwork or antiques – and for good reason.

Written by: Kelly Juhasz, ISA Accredited Member & Principal, Fine Art Appraisal and Services Darlene N. Wong, ISA CAPP Member & Owner, Brilliant Evaluations & Appraisals  

Originally published by Canadian Underwriter, June 2018, pg. 38.

As …

Is Your Family’s Stuff Worth Anything?

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED BY: INVESTORS GROUP / MARCH 2018 View the article here   If you or your parents are downsizing, you may want to purge, even family heirlooms. Here’s how to find out if those old things have any monetary value. Stuff, stuff, everywhere you look. At your parents’ place – and possibly your own …