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6 Expert Tips From a Gemologist About Buying Jewellery on Holiday

As gems and jewellery specialists, we are frequently asked by our clients for valuations on their gem stones or jewellery purchases. Often this happens after the client has made a purchase during their holidays. They arrive home suddenly filled with self doubt and the cold reality of their impulsive purchase. For the majority of our clients, the purchases they make while on holiday are worth what they’ve paid for them. In other words, it was a fair and reasonable price for what they bought. If they have done any bargaining with the seller they might have been able to negotiate a lower price for their purchases compared to what might be readily available back at home. Maybe. For others though, who paid the asking price without bargaining, they soon learn the hard lesson that either they paid too much, or worse, it was not what it was represented to be. When the latter happens, there is often no recourse for the purchaser. Unless the buyer gets the seller’s guarantee of satisfaction or a refund in writing, they cannot return the item after they get home nor can they have their purchase exchanged with the seller. Whichever way you look at it, the buyer ends up feeling cheated. In these cases, the buyer really has no choice but to chalk it up to an expensive lesson. Although not all vacation purchases are bad deals, holidays are generally not the time to buy investment instruments for that rainy day. However, if you must spend your money on jewellery, here are six important jewellery shopping pointers:
1) Bargain or make a counter offer on the asking price if the seller is open to negotiation.
2) Set a dollar limit that you can live with as part of the expense of your holiday costs. This will eliminate buyer’s remorse later when you return home.
3) Don’t spend more money on gems or jewellery than you can be OK with writing off to experience.
4) Not all sellers have a return/exchange policy so check before you complete your transaction.
5) When in doubt, get the seller to put the store’s exchange/return policies in writing along with a store business card and the store’s contact information.
6) Leave all major jewellery shopping purchases to when you have time to rationally research and analyze your choices and options. So the next time you are enjoying a vacation, have fun buying souvenirs, but leave your major jewellery purchase decisions for later when you return home. Caveat Emptor! Especially when travelling abroad. Darlene Wong, FCGmA, ISA CAPP, RMV, CAP-CJA, Member (NAJA) www.brilliantevaluations.com