Picture of ISA Member Meggan Gardner
Meggan Gardner, ISA Member

Oakville, Ontario

Specializes in Collectibles - Sports, Ephemera, Memorabilia, Memorabilia - Entertainment, and Photography

Picture of ISA Member Kelly Juhasz, MI-Archives, BA-Art History
Kelly Juhasz, MI-Archives, BA-Art History, ISA AM Accredited - Private Client Services Group

Toronto, Ontario

Fine Art Appraisal + Services

Specializes in Archives, Art, Art - Aboriginal, Art - American, Art - British, Art - Canadian, Art - Contemporary, Art - European, Art - Inuit, Art - NW Coast and First Nations, Art - Quebec, Art-Indigenous, Auction/Dealer/Gallery, Authentication Management, Decorative Arts, Generalist Appraiser, ISA's Private Client Services Group, Memorabilia - Entertainment, Photography, Prints, Research on Provenance, and Sculpture - Canadian