Picture of ISA Member Darlene Briere-Noren
Darlene Briere-Noren, ISA Member

Devon, Alberta

Specializes in Antiques - Canadiana, Auction/Dealer/Gallery, Clothing & Accessories, Collectibles - Glass, Decorative Arts, Porcelain, Textiles, Textiles - Needlework, and Textiles - Quilts

Picture of ISA Member Darlene Wong
Darlene Wong, ISA CAPP Certified

Vancouver, British Columbia

Brilliant Evaluations & Appraisals

Specializes in Clothing & Accessories, Decorative Arts, Estates, Gems and Jewellery, Generalist Appraiser, Watches, and Watches & Clocks

Picture of ISA Member Vivian Yeung
Vivian Yeung, ISA AM Accredited

Langley, British Columbia

Specializes in Art - China, Art - Japan, Art - Korea, Art - South East Asia, Businesses, Clothing & Accessories, and Machinery & Equipment

Picture of ISA Member Rachel Brodie
Rachel Brodie, ISA AM Accredited

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Brodie Appraisal

Specializes in Antiques - Canadiana, Antiques - Furniture, Art, Art - American, Art - British, Art - Canadian, Art - European, Ceramics, Clothing & Accessories, Decorative Arts, Ephemera, Estates, Folk Art, Generalist Appraiser, Memorabilia, and Textiles